The Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche SpA group produces 9 million sq. m. of ceramic tiles in solid porcelain stoneware, glazed porcelain stoneware, white body and double-fired surface coating, ranging over more than 11,000 products.
It exports to 91 countries all over the world and has 6,000 customers.
It operates on 3 production sites located in Italy, with an overall surface area of 520,000 sq. m. of production premises, of which 140,000 sq. m. are covered.
With the various brands that make up the Group’s structure, the company has been able to diversify, creating ad hoc products that can meet the many needs and requirements of the target it aims at, both for residential building and for public environments.
The brands belonging to the Group are the following:


Founded in 1968 by Cav. Lamberto Romani, Ceramica Serenissima S.p.A. is the Group company that specialises in the production and sales of porcelain stoneware flooring for residential use. With the most up-to-date ceramic technology, Serenissima guarantees its customers a high aesthetic and technological appeal. The company produces collections designed to satisfy the needs of markets that focus more and
more on sober, functional elegance. Serenissima products spring from creative impulses, certainly, but they are also the product of constant research, through which the company can guarantee its customers surfaces with high technical features, and stand out on the market with its great creative quality and originality in design.


Ceramica Cir was established in 1967, and taken over by Serenissima SpA in 1993. Along with Serenissima, it was a founder member of the Group, producing floors and wall tiling in fine glazed porcelain stoneware for residential and commercial premises. Characterized by an unmistakeable style and a wide range of small-size tiles, the company appeals to a young, dynamic client-base, offering quality combining design and excellent technical performance. Constant technological upgrading and continuous aesthetic research are the main features of its production, with which it is ready to meet all the requirements of its target market.


Cerasarda, “La ceramica della Costa Smeralda”, was set up in 1963 in Olbia and  commissioned by Prince Karim Aga Khan. With the sundrenched colours of its glazes and the elegant decorations on its artistic ceramics, the company contributed to the birth of the Costa Smeralda legend and its international fame as a holiday paradise. In 2009, Cerasarda became part of the Serenissima Cir Group: with its highclass production of floor and wall tiles in glazed terracotta, it brings to the world all the elegance of the Mediterranean – a fusion of craftsmanship, the culture of beauty, and technological development.


Acquired by the group in June 2005, Cercom specialises in the manufacture of full-body porcelain tiles for residential premises, commercial spaces and industrial areas. Always focusing on offering high quality, the company bases its production on constant technological innovation, on the continuous improvement of the logistics service and on giving full value to human resources. Cercom creates floors and wall
tiling with a production system that is among the most advanced in the world, being strongly oriented towards respect for the environment and the eco-system: its  collections provide a balanced mix of design, beauty and high technical features, and can perfectly satisfy the needs of any contemporary architectural project.


A well-established firm dedicated to producing ceramic floors and wall tiles, Islatiles was set up in 1973 and in 2012 becomes part of Serenissima Cir group thgough its sister company NGT. The firm specializes in creating white-body tiles; its style is deeply creative and very up-to-date, it uses cutting-edge technical knowhow and believes in a dynamic production system that sees ceramics as a value to be nurtured. Its wide range of products expresses this philosophy, making its output ideal for residential architecture. Islatiles produces porcelain stoneware floors and white-body wall tiles, and takes particular care in choosing the decoration and accessories to give its products a classic beauty. Islatiles is currently placed as an upcoming firm on the Italian ceramics manufacturing scene.


The group is currently an established global reality in the production and sale of ceramic wall and floor; in the industrial sector with brands Serenissima, Cir and Exe, in the artistic through luxury-brand Cerasarda, specializing in ceramics, pottery, furniture and accessories, and finally the brand Cercom dedicated to the innovative project of technological and high quality design research.


Today, more than ever, quality is synonymous with respect for the eco-system: producing surfaces that are beautiful to look at is not enough: they have to be produced with the will to preserve the future of mankind and the environment.

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