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Gruppo Romani won the Architizer A+Product Awards in the Hard Surfacing, Tiles & Stone category with its Italica collection. A prestigious recognition and a victory, the company’s first international one, which feels like a gold medal at the Olympics and thrills us as if we were raising the world cup to the sky. A bit of an overstatement? No, because we are talking about an award that is fruit of the careful selection of the most innovative and high-performance products to transform architecture and design projects into reality. And, in 2024, this selection highlighted the dominance of our ceramic surfaces.

A bit of background information in order to better understand the excitement behind this achievement: Architizer is an online U.S. platform which includes the largest online community of architects and designers on the planet. The portal’s mission is to put project professionals in touch with producers of building products, providing the former with the opportunity to discover, find and experiment with the most suitable tools to build better buildings, better cities and, hopefully, a better world.

Seen from this perspective, the fact that Italica by Gruppo Romani was the Architizer A+Popular Choice Award Winner 2024 can only fill one with pride. Most of all as the path that led to victory was long, mediated by a jury of over 200 experts and subject to a popular vote by the Architizer community.

Italica is more than just a collection, it is a ceramic system divided into two product lines, by the same name, included in the catalogues of the Serenissima and Cir Manifatture Ceramiche brands. The inspiration, clear and tangible at a glance, is linked to traditional Italian materials, to those terracotta floors that welcome and make you feel at home. But inspiration has evolved to become a surface for construction and Gruppo Romani’s know-how stepped in bringing to life a wonderfully elegant, versatile and functional ceramic terracotta, enhanced with the advantages that only porcelain stoneware can bring, from a wide range of sizes, including modular ones, to thicknesses and finishes for use in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Terracotta-look porcelain stoneware is nothing new, on the contrary. Throughout the Company’s history there have been numerous commercial successes linked to this material suggestion which, in fact, is a timeless classic. However, a considerable quality leap was made with Italica, deploying all the best in terms of plant engineering and production to create a product in line with our customers’ expectations. In fact, the development of such an articulated and complex series also includes a consultation phase, an active exchange with those who will use, install and experience our ceramics on a daily basis.

Italica by Serenissima and Italica by Cir Manifatture Ceramiche embrace the same ceramic language in order to meet the needs of their respective markets and target audiences in a varied and timely manner. The colour range, interpreter of current trends but respectful of the classic shades of traditional terracotta, enables a transversal use of the product, suitable for residential spaces, including contemporary ones with hints of luxury, as well as for commercial and public creations.

Tone variations within the individual colours call to mind the concept of craftsmanship and enhance the texture, featuring a wealth of pattern micro details. Furthermore, the more unconventional variants – Terra Blu and Terra Verde – nod at current trends, but always with extreme stylistic coherence with regard to the project mood.

The decorative vocation of Italica is the result of the merging with another traditional material, cement tiles with multi-coloured, geometric and stylized patterns, perfect for bestowing a sophisticated retro vibe to creations. This, of course, without foregoing the visual effectiveness of the mix&match variants that can be developed with other Gruppo Romani collections, such as the ceramic wallpapers Showall and Chromagic.

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