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GRUPPO ROMANI SPA guarantees that all its products comply with UNI EN 14411-ISO13006 standards

UPEC is a functional classification system that certifies whether a flooring product is suitable for use in a given space for a sufficient and reasonable time. This is established by conducting specific tests aimed at determining product resistance and performance based on four basic indicators: wear resistance (U), mechanical stress resistance (P) , water resistance (E) and chemical resistance (C).

CCC – China Compulsory Certification is the product certification requirement for the sale of porcelain stoneware tiles (B1a with water absorption < 0.5%) on the Chinese market. It covers standards linked to health and safety of end users and is issued by bodies accredited by Chinese authorities.

CE marking indicates that a product can be traded in the EU. CE marking certifies that a product meets EU safety requirements and its purpose is to safeguard human health and products used in construction, by means of a Declaration of Performance (DOP) provided by manufacturers, informing that their materials are compliant with safety requirements.

This certification is an assessment of the quantity of volatile organic compounds pollutants released by products in closed spaces. Regarding ceramic tiles, their chemical composition is mineral and not organic and they undergo tile firing cycles at 1,200°C that ensure the total elimination of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds. Consequently, ceramic tiles are granted a A+ rating, since they do not release any toxic substance into the environment.