7 Dicembre 2018

The 2018 press Rally stops off at the Serenissima factory

Great success for the 50th edition of the Raffaella Govoni Memorial Press Rally, which took place on 20th-21st September. The 56 journalists taking part, representing a large number of national newspapers and magazines, started off from Reggio Emilia to arrive at Bellaria, facing skill tests and allowing themselves a few stops on the way to discover the excellent products to be found in the area.

During the trip the journalists stopped off at the headquarters of Ceramica Serenissima in Casalgrande, which has long been a supporter of the initiative. Chairman Giorgio Romani, in an interview during the visit to the premises and to the recently-renovated showroom, reminded us of the great friendship that existed between his father, Lamberto Romani and Ercole Spallanzani, the journalist from Reggio Emilia who devised and organized this event.

The 2018 Press Rally was organized in collaboration with the ACI (Italian Automobile Club), the CSAI (Italian Motor Sports Commission) and Movisport, with the support of the Province of Reggio, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipalities of Reggio Emilia and Bellaria Igea Marina.