People are the driving force of Gruppo Romani: an experienced, solid team,

always looking forward to new challenges and to finding the best solutions for the client,

with a shared passion, competency and ability to work as a team.

The value that Gruppo Romani’s workforce attributes to their work is the guarantee

of our quality and continuous evolution. This is why training is so important to us:

the group has established in-house refresher courses to support our shared vision as a business.



“The passion that can be created generates motivation. Motivation is the motor of life”

Giorgio Romani




People, their competencies and motivations – these are our primary value.

Gruppo Romani believes in the importance of training, both in-house and external, and has launched numerous training programmes

at all levels. In 2016, in order to orient and motivate young people entering today’s jobs market, the group launched the Progetto

Giovani 01 (Youth Project 01), with the intention of integrating new professionals into a variety of departments, from marketing to

sales and promotion, from the R&D laboratory to logistics, following in-house training of around 800 hours. This promotion of youth

training continues with a student bursary made available by Gruppo Romani in 2017 for the first Advanced Architecture for Fashion

course organised by Fashion Research Italy, in collaboration with Casabella and Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University. In the

same year, Gruppo Romani organised a first series of events for designers to promote refreshment and discussion in this constantly

changing industry. This is a series of training seminars accredited by the trades associations, which will continue in the future. The

agreement with Casabella Laboratorio is also part of this programme, and will include high level technical meetings for architects and

designers at their facilities at Milan. As for in-house training, Gruppo Romani has always held refresher courses to support a shared

approach to the company’s vision.