Attention to health, wellbeing and the community, both inside and

outside the company, is a cardinal commitment of Gruppo Romani,

expressed in the enactment of good practice and concrete action to

safeguard its workforce and alleviate disadvantage. The group has

equipped its two Casalgrande premises and the factories at Roteglia,

Rubiera and Olbia (Sardinia) with defibrillators for emergency

treatment, and has provided training in the use of the equipment for

its staff. This action, which is not legally mandatory, demonstrates the

Romani family’s attention to its workforce, who acquire valuable

training both as part of the group and as individuals. The solidarity of

Gruppo Romani has been expressed over the years by its acquisition

of hospital equipment and instrumentation and, in response to an

appeal from World Vision, by the supply of a vehicle to San Ginesio,

Macerata, following the 2016 earthquake. The company and its

workforce did not hesitate to provide aid to the population, affected

by an event similar to that which struck the territory in which Gruppo

Romani is located in 2012, and who must be enabled to take control

of the their lives again as soon as possible.