Porcelain stoneware: here you can find new wall tiles conveying exotic atmospheres

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Cir Manifatture Ceramiche reveals the Tadelakt collection, a synthesis of Made in Italy creativity and design.

Creativity is a journey without limits. In order to find new inspiration, it is necessary to let go of what is known, letting oneself be transported by the unknown, thereby discovering new perspectives and enhancing our knowledge. Thanks to alternative visions, we can land on unfamiliar worlds, discovering wonderful realities. Indeed, it is by embarking on this metaphorical journey that Gruppo Romani innovates, adopting a forward-looking approach, to face the Research u0026 Development challenges for the conception of new products. The protagonist of Cir’s boundless creativity is ceramics, a versatile material that is capable of transforming itself according to design preferences and requirements. It is a creative tool that, thanks to its intrinsic qualities and characteristics, is often capable of anticipating trends and market needs.

From the combination between the travel theme and exotic colours, decorations and touches of places and cultures indelibly applied in the ceramic texture, Cir Manifatture Ceramiche reveals the porcelain stoneware Tadelakt collection, a synthesis of Made in Italy creativity and design. What are the advantages of this type of wall tile? For a start, versatility: it is used very often in bathrooms and kitchens, and is also increasingly chosen for the other rooms of the house. Indeed, its high strength is one of the main characteristics of this material: waterproof, resistant to thermal shock and to abrasion, easy to clean, stoneware is suitable also for covering the most exposed spaces, like porches and terraces. As time goes by, colour stability is maintained, because colours are not changed by sunlight and smog exposure.

Moreover it is an environmentally friendly choice, since the production process does not require the use of waterproofing chemicals, there is neither radioactive contamination nor release of hazardous gases.


Cross-cultural comparisons are the common thread that generates some of the most original ideas reflected in porcelain stoneware. This is what happened with Tadelakt, a fascinating collection designed by Cir Manifatture Ceramiche, one of Gruppo Romani’s brands, a prime example of a research pathway that has led to extraordinary results. Tadelakt has captured Morocco’s intense light, the bright colours of the hammams’ lime-plastered walls and the charm of the North African country’s natural scenery, amid Maghreb’s flowers, its ancient dusty roads and hot spices, synthesising them in the ceramic texture. Through its porcelain stoneware surface, the collection displays the charm of the walls of the Marrakech area that feature a pleasant aesthetic effect similar to marmorino finish plaster and to Venetian plaster, but with traditional North African intense colours.

White like the flowers of the Maghreb, black like the mountains of Morocco, ochre like the roads of the old city, red like the hot spices, green like mint tea and beige like cumin, a wide range of soft and warm colours in a project designed to conquer architecture and interior design spaces, also at very distant latitudes from the places which originally inspired them, conveying all their charm and beauty. Furthermore, Tadelakt offers a series of decorative patterns, to transform walls in real scenic designs.

The collection comes in four sizes for each tone, from the largest 120×120 cm to the smallest 10×40 cm – and a wide range of decorative 60×120 cm slabs – for the design of creative combinations capable of making every space unique and special.

Cir – Manifatture Ceramiche

The brand, which was created in 1967 and acquired in 1993, offers solutions in glazed porcelain stoneware with a strong decorative impact for the home decor market. From the start, Cir has tried to search for a decorative approach through sizes and small sizes, like 10×10 cm., the study of graphics, colours and surfaces, also three-dimensional. The company targets a young and dynamic audience, offering a quality determined by design and top technical performance. The constant updating of style and the study of colours, surfaces and textures characterise the offer trying to meet every need of the target audience. Through the years, Cir has always managed to evolve, from its deep roots in ceramic culture to the most advanced innovations (also technological), while maintaining a great sensitivity towards ceramic products and an offer that is also capable of being playful and fun.