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With roots in the heart of the ceramic district


our group is among the standard bearers in the world of “made in italy”. Our pulsing heart has always remained in the Italian ceramic district, both for industrial and strategic reasons, but also thanks to the determination of the Romani family.

The internal processes of material recycling are to permit the Romani Group to drastically reduce the effects of environmental impact. Indeed all company production processing is 100% waste recycling, avoiding material transfer for use in landfills or other waste treatment and disposal centres.

Quality & Certification

Gruppo Romani is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for its Management and Quality System,

which sets out the essential requisites for supplying regulatory products and services and growing customer satisfaction – one of the cardinal points of the Romani family’s corporate philosophy.

The audit run by DNV, the international accredited certification body, placed the group above the average among comparable companies for its professionalism and commitment and recognises it as a leading company in its industry.

The thoroughgoing inspection of all areas of the company’s internal organisation confirm the high level achieved by Gruppo Romani, for which Quality Certification is an additional guarantee of its observance of procedures and methods to ensure the highest quality products and services.

This important result is only a first step, and Gruppo Romani looks forward to further challenges with renewed enthusiasm.