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Green and Quality.

With roots in the heart of the ceramic district

our group is among the standard bearers in the world of “made in italy”. Our pulsing heart has always remained in the Italian ceramic district, both for industrial and strategic reasons, but also thanks to the determination of the Romani family.

The internal processes of material recycling are to permit the Romani Group to drastically reduce the effects of environmental impact. Indeed all company production processing is 100% waste recycling, avoiding material transfer for use in landfills or other waste treatment and disposal centres.


Our products are the outcome of a virtuoso mix of creativity and cutting edge technologies.

Technological innovation has always been one of Gruppo Romani’s historical strengths. In the last four years (2013 to 2017), we have invested 40 mn euro, with plant expansion and upgrades at all levels, especially in the milling, body and atomisation, glaze, grinding, surface treatment departments and presses, leading to new production capacity and upgraded technologies.

Innovation & Trend

Our ability to interpret and anticipate aesthetic and technical trends in the ceramic market

is one of Gruppo Romani’s hallmarks.

Our innovation and research are the bases for our future forwards orientation. It also underlies how our plant is configured for Industry 4.0, with cutting edge laboratories, plant and equipment to ensure outstanding performance, the establishment of our Quality and Quality Control departments, and a just-in-time approach throughout, including logistics.

Anticipating new market trends, interpreting and responding to the evolution of taste and fashion globally – this is the strategic challenge facing the new group style office, coordinated by Managing Director Paolo Romani. Engaged in continually researching new materials and languages, the office’s internal staff is supported in its work by external collaborators.

Quality & Certification

Gruppo Romani is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for its Management and Quality System,

which sets out the essential requisites for supplying regulatory products and services and growing customer satisfaction – one of the cardinal points of the Romani family’s corporate philosophy.

The audit run by DNV, the international accredited certification body, placed the group above the average among comparable companies for its professionalism and commitment and recognises it as a leading company in its industry.

The thoroughgoing inspection of all areas of the company’s internal organisation confirm the high level achieved by Gruppo Romani, for which Quality Certification is an additional guarantee of its observance of procedures and methods to ensure the highest quality products and services.

This important result is only a first step, and Gruppo Romani looks forward to further challenges with renewed enthusiasm.

Made in Italy

Ceramic – and much more.

Emilia Romagna is a land of industrial districts, from cars to gastronomy, fabrics and biomedicals; an open, welcoming region dedicated to excellence and quality, it is no coincidence that this is the heartland of ceramic creativity, which exports to the world under the aegis of the Made in Italy brand.

“The inborn intelligence of the hands”, remarked Philipe Daverio in his Lectio Magistralis at the Cerasarda event at the Fuori Salone 2017, “is one of the secrets of the ability to make materials and to create and recognise the characteristic quality of Italy and its people.”

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “first master the rules as a craftsman, then break them as an artist.”

Creativity consists in exploring new paths with the experience of the seasoned traveller and the courage of the pioneer who never tires of seeking out the new.

The rigour of working for quality, the ability to see beyond, to create the original, and faith in the future – these are the keys to the global success of the Made in Italy brand and are the foundations of Gruppo Romani’s vision.

Energy & Enviroment

Gruppo Romani has chosen the environment.

Environmental sustainability has an important place in the company’s policies, which aim to achieve a synergetic balance between productivity and wellbeing.

The company has taken many actions to ensure outstanding energy efficiency in line with green regulations governing consumption and costs.

These include the replacement of the fleet of internal combustion lift trucks with 50 OM STILL electric trucks, the lighting of the park, the Casalgrande showroom and the laboratories with lower consumption LED lights and the replacement of our industrial electric motors with the latest high efficiency electric motors.

We have also taken action to optimise consumption related to the production of compressed air for industrial applications. Gruppo Romani has also taken action to drastically reduce the environmental impact of its recycling processes.

2016, the group obtained recognition from CONAI (the Italian Packaging Consortium) for its commitment to environmental sustainability, especially as regards savings in raw materials and the use of recycled materials.

“Materials from cradle to gate” is a Cercom project, run in collaboration with IUAV University of Venice at the Rubiera plant, for innovation regarding the measurement and monitoring of the product life cycle (LCA approach). This project has enabled Gruppo Romani to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding and obtain certification of its CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, all the company’s production lead times are 100% waste recycling: this prevents the use of materials which would otherwise be sent to dumps or other waste management centres.


The internal processes of material recycling are to permit the romani group to drastically reduce the effects of environmental impact.

Indeed all company production processing is 100% waste recycling, avoiding material transfer for use in landfills or other waste treatment and disposal centres.



• Waste water resulting from processing is fully reused and metered within the process as water for body grinding, eliminating any discharge into the sewer system;

• The aeriform powders resulting from filtration processes are fully dissolved by turbo, metered and homogenised within the slurry containment basins;

• All raw and fired scraps are fully reintegrated and metered as primary components of the recipes of our bodies;

• All waste resulting from the tile cutting and grinding processes is fully recovered and metered on the basis of fluid dynamics inside the body grinding department. a special and unique just-in-time pre- filtration and transmittal system for the resulting fluid is used up to the waste water pre-storage tanks which supply the continuous mills.


The Romani family and the Group’s entire team have also shown great awareness towards waste management, having some time ago implemented a programmed separate collection system.

Energy Aspects

New actions have been taken by the Group to ensure the best energy efficiency, in accordance with eco-sustainable regulations aimed at reducing consumption and costs.

In a logical and progressive programme, the company will:

• Replace the lighting system of the park, the showroom in Casalgrande and in the Laboratories, replacing conventional sources with new energy-efficient LEd units;

• Replace obsolete industrial electric motors with the same number of new generation, electrical and high efficiency motors;

• Optimise consumption related to the production of compressed air destined
for industrial use, in this way achieving a consequent reduction in associated electrical consumption.


These operations intend to confirm the attention of the Romani family towards the environment as well as towards people, in a synergistic perspective of productivity and well-being.