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Tradition, fashion and the evolution of design. Wood effect porcelain stoneware flooring encapsulates, in the technical and aesthetic performance of its ceramic material, the inspirations and changes that have marked tastes and lifestyles. Gruppo Romani, one of the first to launch on the market ceramic surfaces inspired by natural material, emphasises the product’s novelty with the designs of the Serenissima, Cercom and Cerasarda collections.

The wood, available in porcelain stoneware, creates welcoming atmospheres through evocative colours and realistic textures. Its use marks a stylistic choice that deviates from the extreme minimalism of the past, and is open to the technical and aesthetic performances provided by sizes and surface finishes of the state-of-the-art ceramic material. Indeed, in residential design, similarly to commercial design, ceramic wood offers significant advantages in terms of practicality, maintainability and cleanability, besides enabling outdoor laying, specifically of collections with a grip R11 finish.

From natural shades, that are elegant and never ordinary, to the strong tones of antique wood, creative freedom and personal taste are always at the heart of Serenissima’s wood effect porcelain stoneware designs. Product development also caters for the most eclectic trends, with surfaces that evoke woods that have been processed, transformed and have the most refined colours. Offers like I Lecci, in the Gentile, Oliato, Verniciato and Classico options, or I Roveri, in the colours Antico, Naturale, Intenso and Decapé, enable to insert ceramic wood in any design project moodboard, with the certainty of highlighting the character of spaces, regardless of style.

The interesting tactile content of Serenissima’s wood effect collections reflects the extreme attention to detail that underlies the recreation of the natural grain of the woods that are most common and marketed worldwide. The wide choice of sizes, designed to enable the installation of the characteristic laying patterns for wooden floors, from the most simple running bond pattern to the decorative chevron pattern, maximises the aesthetic outcome, that can also involve wall tiles. Furthermore, one must not forget the elegant evocation of refined handicrafts, namely tiles with coffered pattern decor, or contemporary multi-faceted and unexpectedly versatile visions.

Cercom’s interpretation of wood in its Briccole collection is poetic and original, revealing the hidden beauty of the characteristic poles used in the Venetian lagoon for boat mooring. It is indeed always wood, yet transformed by long underwater ageing in brackish water that alters its colours and grain. In its uniqueness, redoubled by a range of four colours, Briccole proves its extraordinary talent by becoming co-protagonist in rustic environments as well as in classic ones that strive for elegance, and is also matched with other material effects such as stone and marble, in indoor and outdoor settings.

The wood effect designed by Cerasarda in its Yacht Club collection expresses an extremely refined and Mediterranean mood. The sophisticated design that distinguishes the products of this brand makes the ceramic surface interpret the fine marine plywood used for boat decks. The delicate grain imprinted by nature, interspersed with joints that evoke the rubbery connection materials, give the product a unique and iconic look. This was an elegance that only top-of-the-line boats could afford, made with finest woods, that now exist in a porcelain stoneware with a vaguely exotic flavour, available both with matt and mirror polish finishes.

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